The path towards sustainable and future-oriented Health Care

Bologna für EAHM(September 2016) 26th EAHM Congress and WHEF in Bologna/Italy: Zum 26. Treffen des Europäischen Verbandes der Krankenhausdirektoren (EVKD) werden alle Vorträge simultan übersetzt in English, Italienisch, Deutsch und Französisch. Spannende Themen wie Führungskompetenz und Krankenhaus-Management, aber auch IT-Themen wie EHR, Interoperabilität und VNA stehen auf der Agenda.

Sustainable and future oriented Health Care needs our responsibility and competence: with this key theme, EAHM invites decision makers to its 2016 congress in Bologna, Italy. The European Association of Hospital Managers is the umbrella organization of 27 associations in 26 countries. To realize the goal stated by the congress theme, “we as hospital managers have to take up our responsibility and we need to do this on different levels like quality of health care, finance, human resources but even on the ethical level”, according to the organizers.

To be on the front line, “hospital managers must show they have an added value in this process. Therefore the congress will look into ways how to prepare us and, through examples, how to realize this”. In this context, the World Health Economic Forum (WHEF), running in parallel to the EAHM Congress, will focus on the “Benefits of Health Information Exchange”.

The conference

The congress sessions will pave the way towards achieving these goals by discussing core challenges and learning from one another. Speakers from various European countries will present their standpoint with respect to individual areas of hospital strategy. During panels and interactive breakout sessions, delegates will exchange ideas directly, exchange opinions with one another, explore specific themes together, and identify solutions.

IT: a key to the future

Improved processes, which are a key enabler of a sustainable future for hospitals, require a smooth, IT-based flow of information. The WHEF presentations and an extensive workshop will present infrastructure and application challenges and solutions, approaches to interoperability, and best practice examples from Europe and the United States.

The exhibitors

On both days, partners from the healthcare industry will provide an overview of their products and services in an attractive exhibition, as well as presenting their innovations and imparting specialist knowledge in their own workshops.

The networking opportunities

Before and after the daily agendas, delegates will have the opportunity to engage in further intensive exchanges of ideas, discussions, and networking. Exclusive evening events round off the congress program.

About EAHM and WHEF 2016

Bologna/Italy, 13 and 14 October 2016 / Pre-Program 12 October

European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) Congress:

Quelle Text: Mirjam Bauer und Michael Reiter

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